F-support rent security system in Flat Agency incorporated corporation

Astro Plaza Ⅰ
Astro Plaza Ⅰ 写真1
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Astro Plaza Ⅰ 写真2
Astro Plaza Ⅰ 写真2
Astro Plaza Ⅰ 写真2
Rent Common fee Deposit key money
36,000~64,000yen 5,000~6,000yen 50,000yen none
*will not be refunded when moving out
Eligibility Years of contract Fees for recontract Agency fees for recontraction
male/female 2 years none 15,000yen+tax
3-stories of steel-framed reinforced concreete
Number_of_households Completion_Date
54 February 1982
Electric utility expense Gas expense Water supply expense
payed by yourself payed by yourself included in common fee
Internet expense Key exchange fee F-support(housing guarantee)
free 8,640yen 10,000yen / year
Handling charge for agency Fire insurance Cleaning expense when you move out
half of the monthly payment 13,000yen / 2 years 18,000yen+tax
Room number Monthly rent Arrangement of rooms Room size Room orientation Avaliable moving date
208 40,000yen Click here 17.83㎡ square meter East June 2019


74, nishioujicho, kamigyou, kyoto


6-minutes walk to subway "Imadegawa" station

Map of the large size

To Kyoto University 2200m

To Yamazaki shop 120m

To Fresco (Supermarket) 400m
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